Opening its doors

Villa El Limón has opened its doors to guests starting in the summer of 2021. After an intensive renovation period, the villa’s interior and exterior has been completely reshaped and we are happy to share our dream come true with our guests.

Living inside and outside

With the great advantage of 320 sunny days in Southern Spain, life happens more outside than inside – thus we shaped Villa El Limón in such a way that there are multiple and varying locations on the outside to spend the day. Chilling in the hammock, playing football or building tents on the lawn in front of the house, enjoying the sunset on the Western pergola or hide from the sun on the masoned seating area on the Northern pergola. Cooking outside or enjoying drinks at the BBQ bar, enjoying a massage in the Bali hut – or just the sun on of the sun beds.

Taking a dip in the swimming-pool whenever you feel like it and have a refreshing shower afterwards – or a warm one – according to your liking…

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