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The Swimming-Pool Pergola offers a masoned seating area alongside the house wall – around the back entrance and of outside the kitchen. It features cozy seat cushions and stylish pillows as back rest. Great to hang out and relax in the half-shadow of the brushwood top of the pergola.

A large wooden folding-door leads directly from the Lounge to the Swimming-Pool Pergola, framed with two masoned benches on the right and the left. Between those, there is a large white tabel with grey/ white combination of chairs and a white bench – for lunch during hot periods. The half-shade of the pergola and the location on the North side of the house keeps it a bit cooler.

You may enjoy two hanging chairs along the main beams of the pergola and also a swing – this one mainly thought for our little guests.

It is possible to place the ping-pong table in front of the pergola, between swimming-pool, the swimming-pool pergola and the sunset pergola – enjoy a set of games!

The extensive swimming-pool measures 5x10m and can be accessed on its South side with stairs. Its water deepness ranges from about 1,2m to 1,8m. Water temperatures during summer time vary between 28 and 31°C, outside the hot season below this range. If you wish, the swimming-pool’s own heat pump will provide the necessary heating to feel as if it were summer…

The BBQ bar is just a few steps away…