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The main entrance is a typically Spanish wooden double wing door which opens up to an entrance hall. Here, an open passage leads in between two cupboard wall units with beach towels and games to the main part of the lounge.

The extensive white table seats easily 8 people, with 4 large white shell chairs on one side and a large bench on the fire-place side. Easy to swivel around if the fire is lit and enjoy the heat and light-shadow spectacle on the walls – most appreciable in the winter evenings when the warmth of the day slowly dims away.

The lighting of the lounge has been designed to create a cozy sphere, a custom handmade pottery lamp on the side wall, 3 large bast lamps hanging from the 6m high wooden ceiling, a Grasshopper lamp in the corner with a small seating area and a Moolin lamp diagonally across the lounge.

During the day, when the main double wing door is open and the wide folding door to the terrace as well, you may see the front grass porch at the same time as the swimming-pool. A great connecting element of the two opposing outside living spaces between the South and North, between grass and water.

The kitchen is connected with the lounge through an opening in the wall and if the double wing door of the kitchen stands wide open, the connection is also made to the Western sunset pergola.