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The Front Porch and Grass Field on the South side of Villa El Limón is a great living space!

Hanging in the hammock between the bourgainvilla plant and one of the palm trees, lying on the grass to relax, playing kids’ cricket, frisbeeing… or just relaxing on the bamboo couch at the porch?

5 palm trees seam the grass field and are beautifully lit at night, as is the porch itself with dimmable hanging lanterns.

The grass is typical for Southern Spain (la grama catalana) with its thick leaves, it feels soft underneath bare feet.

The Oleander at the far side of the grass field shows white and pink blossoms in a mix, the bushy tree right next to it grows mandarines, actually quite a lot of them! Feel free to harvest and eat them when they are ripe.

A stone plated wall surrounds the East and South limit of the grass field, on the West there are huge stone blocks limiting the grass field, right after the oleander and mandarin tree. Behind this, a long row of lavender lets you enjoy its scent.