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The BBQ Bar is located just off the Swimming-Pool Pergola and the Swimming Pool itself. Masoned structure with dark brown wooden beams and a brushwood roof.

A wooden wine rack lets you store a few bottles which might come in handy while barbecuing or enjoying a a glass at the bar.

There is a Weber charcoal BBQ at your disposal with all the necessary accessories such as a rapid-fire chimney starter to light your charcoal prior to inserting it into the BBQ itself – works like a charm! Tongs and spatulas allow to handle hot beef and other juicy ingredients. Put on the leather barbecue apron and gloves when the hot action starts.

Behind the BBQ Bar’s garden wall, there is a small herb garden growing thyme, rosemary, parsley, basil and lemon balm. Feel free to harvest these fresh herbs.

The BBQ Bar is also equipped with a small stone sink, always comes in handy!